G&G Enterprises has been retained by M4 Nutrition to assist in the sales structure and strategies of the product line in the international market.M4 Nutrition manufactures consumer goods sports nutrition supplements.The M4 Nutrition line is compiled of supplements ranging from pre-workouts to protein powders.

Reach out to G&G Enterprises network of international resellers and distributors to build a relationship and selling contracts to work with for M4 Nutrition.


  • Identify strategic international partners
  • Build out sales strategies for each of these partners
  • Assist in setting up sales programs and marketing programs

To work directly with international key partners to assist in building the M4 brand.  Work as a liaison in branding and marketing strategies through M4 and these strategic partners.

Execution of the strategy consists of G&G Enterprises reaching out to it’s network of international business partners to bring in and build the M4 Nutrition line.

G&G Enterprises will also work with M4 and the international client to build out promotions and other ways of building brand awareness in these areas.

Brand attendance at B2B and B2C trade shows sampling the M4 line to buyers and consumers alike. Trade shows focusing on the fitness industry, sports nutrition, and generally active lifestyle channels have been attended with a highly favorable response to the product.