Project Overview

G&G Enterprises LLC.  has been retained to assist this start-up smart headphones company with preparing its business plan and financial projections and to assist in the launch of the business. G&G Enterprises Is also assisting in structuring the sales strategies of the company.

To assist the Founder in strategic planning, organizational structure and initial company build-out once seed capital has been secured. An updated business plan, financial projections and investor presentation has been created to better position the company for positive investor engagement and funding.

The Strategy:
Once inventory has landed and soudsight is fully operational,  Sales Ops and infrastructure will be turned on beginning with fulfillment of pre-orders with strategic partners. 

The Execution:
By engaging the G&G Enterprises network of partners, an acting COO, and CFO has been secured for SoundSight and a detailed business plan and financial strategy has been created. G&G Enterprises LLC has attended investor meetings and continues its work to assist the Founder in securing funding for the launch of the business in 2016.

G&G is designing the go to market strategy for sales and product introduction. Sales trainings, and promotions are also being implemented. 


This contract was closed in 2017.